Quit burning time and money starting every project proposal from scratch.

Creating a Service Menu that Improves Your Profit and Productivity
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You love the work you do but booking a new client lowkey sucks. You have to figure out what needs to be done, set a price on the project, figure out a timeline, spend forever writing a f***ing proposal, and then hope the client doesn’t run away and waste all that time you just spent.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a menu of offers (complete with pricing and timelines!) ready to go?

When you set packages for your services or coaching, you make yourself easier to hire and set yourself up to become more efficient. You can spend more time doing great work and delivering results, and less time reinventing your sales and onboarding processes for every project.

In this interactive and actionable 1-hour workshop, I’ll teach you how to:

  • Create different service packages that don’t compete with each other
  • Get paid to write a proposal
  • Price your packages profitably

This ain’t your mama’s boring webinar where you listen to a talking head for 60 minutes. You’ll get a worksheet with exercises to think through during the workshop and quick breakout rooms with your peers and me to bounce ideas around.

I always have a “will this be worth it?” moment when buying courses but yours came with a solid recommendation from someone I admire. Your approach was genuine, logical, and BS-free. I also like that it was judgment free so there was mental space to explore options. What other people think about your pricing (high or low) can be confusing and distracting. You gave a lot of good pricing frameworks and that’s especially valuable if [someone has] only ever only done pricing one way.

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