Why You’re Undercharging

and what you can do about it
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~*~ChArGe WhAt YoU’Re WoRtH bAe~*~ 

Ever heard well-meaning advice like this before? We all have.

Maybe you even nudged your prices up… (good job!)

…only to whip out an “exclusive discount” the instant a client hesitates to book with you. (womp womp)

You could keep looking around to see what your competitors are charging so you can come in juuuust under that.

You could let fear, guilt, and imposter syndrome continue running your business (and life) for you.

You could keep worrying about when your business will *actually* make you the kind of money you want to make.

Or you could get to the roots of your pricing hang-ups and start pricing yourself professionally, once and for all.

You see, it’s not enough to just follow your feelings when it comes to your business. 

If you set your prices higher just because of some power pose motivational quote you see on Instagram, you will also be prone to lowering them the next time you feel that sense of dread staring at your empty calendar and balance sheet.

On the flip side, if you wait until you “feel” professional enough to charge professional prices, you’re probably going to be waiting for a looooong time. There’s always going to be someone else with more experience, skills, and credentials than you do.

When you act like a professional by setting your prices based on objective numbers and your personal values, then you will feel like a true professional.

Price Yourself Professionally Part 1

Why You’re Undercharging &

What You Can Do About It

The fillable digital workbook includes:

  1. Written lessons on money misbelief
  2. Money misbelief worksheet
  3. Business expense tracker
  4. Cost of living expense tracker
  5. Hourly rate calculator and conversion formulas
  6. Time tracking worksheet
  7. Printable money manifesto and affirmation worksheets
  8. Walkthrough video

What you’ll learn

  • Common pricing myths and mistakes
  • How to disrupt your own worst pricing practices
  • How to calculate an internal hourly rate that will get you to your income goals
  • How to convert that internal hourly rate into a usable client rate

If you apply everything you learn in this class, it should pay for itself with your next project.

Early Bird Bonus

Challenging your limiting beliefs is hard, and so is adjusting your pricing! I want to help. The first 5 people to purchase the workbook get a FREE 20-minute mini coaching call, or 1 week of email support if you’re Zoomed TF out ($75 value).

We can use that time to:

  • Go over your new rates
  • Strategize how to raise rates with current clients
  • Translate your new hourly rate to package or project rates

Or I can just shout lovingly at you about money until you feel better. (I’ve…been told that this works?)

I wish I could offer this to everyone but I don’t have that kind of capacity yet. So if you need someone to gas you up about your pricing, now’s your chance!


Mini Coaching Slots Remaining

This class is for…

Service Providers
Consultants & Speakers

…especially if:

  • You’re sick of that sinking feeling any time someone asks, “So how much do you charge?”
  • You think you should be earning more money for the amount of time you spend working and aren’t sure why you’re not
  • You’re ready to spend less time working
  • You want to know if you can make your business your main source of income
  • You struggle with finding new projects, working too many hours, or wrangling fussy clients (yup, adjusting your prices can help with this!)

But you don’t have to take my word for it!

Refreshing and deeply resonating, but most importantly, actionable and practical. I appreciate Jennifer’s willingness to address the myths and dysfunctional beliefs around money head-on. She gets to the heart of the resistance to why I, and many other freelancers, struggle to put the advice, “Charge moar monies”, into practice. Highly recommend!



The “Why You’re Undercharging” workbook is so different than any other pricing information I’ve ever run across. Jenn speaks to you like she’s your friend who has struggled with figuring out her pricing and addresses all the “but what if my clients…” objections that are hanging out in the back of your head that you’ve never said out loud. It’s full of actionable ideas and warm language, with worksheets that I can print out to remind myself to declare my new pricing loud and proud. I can’t wait to learn more from her!

Kate B.

Graphic Designer

What I like…is how you take into account how there are certain things in the “immigrant” mindset that play a factor in how we may approach our careers – especially with this whole freelance/entrepreneurship thing. The frugality perspective, or the guilt or burden we feel knowing we are foregoing stable or prestigious jobs when our parents often did menial jobs just to support us. No one really talks about how that could really bog us down and I really appreciate you discussing it openly.

Hannah K.

There are so many ‘how to price yourself’ resources for freelancers out there and all of them dance around the most difficult part: the real nitty-gritty numbers. 

Not just the mindset or how you sell your services or the vague advice of ‘charge what you’re worth,’ but how to plan your pricing around actual needed revenue, taxes, business expenses, and general life expenses.

Jenn’s “Why You’re Undercharging” workbook is going to help freelancers book their work at rates they feel not only confident in, but that can actually sustain them.

And she does it in a way that’s human-first and truly accessible. I can’t recommend this enough.

Anna H.


A little about me:

For those who don’t know me, my name is Jennifer Duann Fultz, frequently known as JDF, because who has time for my whole legal name? I’m a serial auntiepreneur on a mission to make space in the world for creative and unconventional Asian Americans and other people of color.

This is actual footage of me pulling prices out of thin air from approximately 2012-2017. I’ve tried my hand at a wide variety of creative services in my time, including but not limited to:

  • Wedding and portrait photography
  • Content marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Article/blog writing
  • Email marketing
  • Document design
  • Branding
  • Web design
  • …and several ill-fated forays into direct sales

It took me about five years to get truly profitable. Now I work part-time by choice and average about $100/hour on most projects.

If you’re ready to set profitable prices for your work and meet your income and lifestyle goals, this workbook is for you!

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