Write Your Own Case Studies

Interactive Workbook | Self-Paced


Adobe PDF


  • Kate Burgener, Graphic Designer

Content Outline

    Introduction: The Power of Case Studies

    Section 1: Choose the best clients to feature

    • Instructional text
    • Featured clients checklist

    Section 2: Get buy-in from the client

    • Instructional text
    • Email script generator

    Section 3: Run a great case study interview

    • Instructional text
    • Interview question generator

    Section 4: How to pull the info you need

    • Instructional text
    • Interview coding worksheet with checkboxes

    Section 5: How to write the case study

    • Instructional text

    Section 6: Tying it all together

    • Summary sheet of case study
    • Next steps

    Interactive Features

    Transfer fields, summary boxes, checkbox selectors, hide/unhide, clear fields


    The client is a busy copywriter specializing in case studies. Her own client list is full and she wants to grow her impact and revenue without working more hours.


    The client had a polished presentation and written guide on how to write a one-page case study. To create a truly elevated digital product, I rewrote her content to add interactive exercises that would guide learners in generating their own case studies.

    The client can also sell branded templates that learners can purchase in addition to the core workbook, providing another income stream for the client.


    In each of the first five sections of the workbook, I wrote instructional text and planned an interactive worksheet that built up to a final summary box in the sixth section.

    The worksheets guide the learner through selecting clients to feature, generating an email to get buy-in for the case study from the featured client, planning and running the case study interview, and writing up the case study itself.


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