No Sweat Sales Calls

Interactive Workbook | Self-Paced | Video


Podia, YouTube, Adobe PDF


  • Kate Burgener, Graphic Designer
  • Veronica VanZeipel, Video Editor

Content Outline

Video Lessons

  • Module 1: How can I grow my business if I’m scared of sales?
  • Module 2: How do I vet my clients to know who to work with?
  • Module 3: How do I run a discovery call confidently?
  • Module 4: When and how do I talk about money?
  • Module 5: Great! They said yes…now what?
  • Bonus Video: Sales call teardown

Interactive PDFs

  • Create Your Sales Call Toolkit
  • Sales Call Framework Worksheet
  • Bonus: Sales Call Swipe File

Interactive Features

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Amy Posner is an accomplished copywriter and coach who wanted to shift her business emphasis to her coaching and instructional offers. 


The client had presented a variety of materials on the topic of sales calls but needed to organize and expand that content into a full-fledged course. 

The course serves as both a downsell for those who cannot invest in the client’s higher-ticket coaching and mastermind offers, as well as an introduction to the client’s coaching style for new leads. 


I structured the video lessons to emulate a live coaching session, with a presenting problem followed by the client’s coaching and follow-up questions. There is also a recorded mock sales call with annotations pointing out the coaching tips from the video lessons. 

The course includes an interactive PDF workbook that learners can use to generate a customized toolkit for sales calls. The workbook helps the learner gather qualifying questions, expert statements, and price anchors for different project types. The learner can then use the sales call toolkit to fill in a printable worksheet for each sales call. Finally, there is a quick-reference sheet providing answers for frequently asked client questions.


Course Assets

You’re the third person I hired on this project and it just couldn’t get birthed. I was fantasizing about someone who could get in my head and extract all the info and put it together in some form that would be meaningful, helpful to my audience. No one got me there. Til you.

You’re amazing at taking lots of raw data – in my case a brain dump + a google drive dump (what courage you have!) I was confused and my IP was a mess – all over the place. You organized it all and delivered it back to me in a way that made perfect sense. It was like you could tap into my brain and make sense of the mess in there! 

Your organizational skills are second to none. The icing on the cake for me was your stellar project management. You organized every single detail (including ones I never would have thought of) and then delivered each piece with clear directions and ideas. THEN… you helped me implement every one of them. 

The level of organization and project management would be enough for me to fall in love with working with you. Add in your incredible attitude and sense of humor and wrap them up with your ability to envision the project and execute on it and I don’t see why anyone would want to work with anyone other than you.

Amy Posner

Copywriter & Coach

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