Hope You Get Rich

Cohort-Based Course | Interactive Workbook | Video


Adobe PDF, Zoom, Google Classroom


  • Kate Burgener, Graphic Designer
  • Ying Ge, Video Editor
  • Joanne Machin, Transcription

Content Outline

Interactive Workbook

  • Lesson 1: Pricing Myths and How to Bust Them
  • Lesson 2: Finding Your Internal Hourly Rate
  • Lesson 3: From Internal to Client Rates
Interactive Features

Transfer fields, counted checkbox quiz, multiple choice quiz, calculated fields

Video Lessons

  • Lesson 4: When to Charge Hourly
  • Lesson 5: Alternatives to Hourly Pricing
  • Lesson 6: How to Price Products
  • Lesson 7: Change Your Mindset
  • Lesson 8: Treating Yourself Like a Professional

Live Cohort Schedule

  • Week 1: Why You’re Undercharging (Workbook Lesson 1)
  • Week 2: Calculating Your Internal and External Rates (Workbook Lessons 2 and 3)
  • Week 3: Setting Project and Product Prices (Video Lessons 4-6)
  • Week 4: Handling Price Objections (Video Lessons 7-8)



In 2019, I taught a sold-out 90-minute live class on how to price freelance projects. Based on my audience’s response to that class, I decided to turn it into an evergreen course.


Most pricing content I had seen focused on either mindset or numbers alone. From my own experience and in working with other small business owners, I knew that a strong understanding of both was necessary to create a sustainable pricing strategy.


I initially recorded video lessons that explained common money myths, the difference between internal and external rates, different pricing models, and how to overcome imposter syndrome associated with charging higher prices.

But I wanted to make the content “stickier,” so I wrote an interactive workbook that guided students through rewriting their money misconceptions and calculating their internal and external rates. Originally, I used a spreadsheet for the calculations, but when I wrote the workbook, I was able to use calculated fields alongside explanation and coaching so that students would feel better supported as they worked through their numbers. 

I then piloted a 4-week live cohort using a flipped classroom model: students had sections of the workbook to read and work through, or video lessons to watch and accompanying exercises to complete. We then met via Zoom for discussion and group coaching. There were also asynchronous discussion prompts posted in Google Classroom along with all materials for the course.

Course Assets

A renewed focus on process helps me and I appreciate all of the tool/software suggestions. I also need to take myself out of the equation. It’s not about what I would pay. Also, this was my first time using Google Classroom! What a great option! Your approach was genuine, logical, and BS-free. I also like that it was judgment free so there was mental space to explore options. What other people think about your pricing (high or low) can be confusing and distracting. -J.K.


2021 HYGR Alumni

I’ve read books like Profit First which are great for knowing how to manage one’s money, but not so much for understanding how to pull that money in in the first place. HYGR added an extra layer of understanding to that.

Jasmine Gonzalez

DEI Practitioner, Writer, Consultant, Jasmine Gonzalez Consulting

Since I’ve put my pricing on my website in the last several months [after taking Hope You Get Rich], I have had no awkward conversations about price. The issue is out of the way even before we have the initial conversation about whether it’s a good fit for us to be working together. I don’t know whether the awkwardness was on my part or the client’s part before, but now it’s addressed and off the table.

Alan Heymann

Executive & Leadership Coach, Peaceful Direction

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