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  • Kate Burgener, Graphic Designer

Content Outline

    Video Lessons

    Section 1: Where do I even start looking for “bigger” copywriting projects?

    • How to define “dream client”
    • How to attract ideal fit clients

    Section 2: How do I get the attention of clients I want to work with?

    • How to create an anchor piece
    • How to use anchor pieces and testimonials to reach out to prospects

    Section 3: How do I fill (or refill) my client pipeline quickly?

    • How to work the numbers in your favor
    • How to make genuine connections
    • How to make it easy to hire you

    Section 4: How can I bring clients to me instead of chasing them down?

    • How to build internal and external authority

    Section 5: How do I get off the freelance rollercoaster and find steady work?

    • How to turn client acquisition into a system
    • How to implement your system consistently

    Interactive PDFs (forthcoming)

    • Book Your Ideal Clients Worksheet
    • Farm Your Life’s Database Worksheet
    • Create Your Anchor Piece Worksheet
    • Prospecting Tracker Spreadsheet
    • Authority Building Roadmap Worksheet
    • Ideal Client System Builder Worksheet


    Amy Posner is an accomplished copywriter and coach who wanted to shift her business emphasis to her coaching and instructional offers. 


    Amy frequently coaches and teaches on the topic of prospecting but has never laid out a step-by-step process for getting more and better clients. I interviewed the client in order to create an outline of her prospecting process.

    The course serves as both a downsell for those who cannot invest in the client’s higher-ticket coaching and mastermind offers, as well as an introduction to the client’s coaching style for new leads. 


    The video course imitates the structure of a live coaching call to give learners a preview of what 1:1 or small group coaching with Amy feels like. Before digging into the mechanics of prospecting, the course encourages learners to clarify their own goals and desires. The course then suggests action plans for several common scenarios.

    We recorded the video remotely via Zoom and Loom, and I created the storyboard and course slides for the video editor.


    Course Assets

    I was at my wit’s end – I had a program I desperately wanted to create, but I’m not a teacher and had no idea how to distill decades of knowledge into a format that would be meaningful, useful and digestible by my audience. I’d tried with two other pros to ‘birth this baby.’ Not until I met you, did it come together. You sorted through my mess of content, picked out what was relevant and then formatted it into a kickass structure. I never could have envisioned it, never mind executed it. With your careful stewardship we moved systematically and quickly through the content and I’ve got my first course ready to launch. Hiring you to create the next 5 was a no-brainer for me. I wanted to lock in your talent for the entire year before someone scooped up all your time. I’m convinced your extreme talent is going to make my business thrive and my plans a reality.

    Amy Posner

    Copywriter & Coach

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