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I have doubled my rates in the first year…

You are incredible and I love that you talk about pricing and time tracking. Your rate calculator helped me understand my base rate when I was figuring everything out in my first year of freelancing and now I have doubled my rates in my first year and I love how much more I value my own time and how others value my time because of this.

Amy L. Piñon (she/her)

Freelance Creative Media Producer, Amy Lp Productions

You’re working all the time at your freelance business but there’s never quite enough money in the bank.

You’re exhausted from the feast-or-famine cycle but never have time to do your own marketing or networking.

Check your pricing, friend.

What you’re charging isn’t actually what you’re earning.

Understanding that difference will hope you go from burnt out freelancing and thriving business owner.

In my first business (not counting my graphic design hustle on Neopets in 2001 ofc), I was so afraid of charging *anything* that I ended up losing money in order to take pictures of people. Ouch.

It wasn’t until I became a parent that I started to understand the value of my time and skills. 

Every hour that I worked literally cost me money that I paid for child care.

But I also realized there was a big opportunity cost to every project I took on. That was time I couldn’t spend growing my business, being with my family, or (gasp) taking care of me.

I had to make my business profitable, and fast.

So I did. (Peep the graph for proof!)

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