I don’t know about you, but I was a fiend for those personality quizzes you see in teen magazines. You know, the ones that told me which member of Destiny’s Child was my BFF and which Lachey brother I’m destined to marry. (Still waiting for that ring, Drew.)
So when I discovered that quizzes can be an amazing lead generation tool, I was pretty pumped! And when Interact (affiliate link) approached me to be a Partner, I was even more stoked.
How does it work? Here’s a super scientific diagram:
The lead quiz acts like a cross between flypaper, traffic cones, and one of those old-school coin sorters. (Don’t ask me what that looks like in real life!) It catches visitors to your site, directs them where you want them to go, and then sorts their contact information into certain buckets based on their results. Each of these buckets gets sent into your e-mail marketing list. From there you can send targeted marketing information to each bucket, which is one of the most important benefits of this lead magnet. With Interact’s personality quizzes, you can not only grow your email list but collect valuable information about each of those leads. Can’t do that with a PDF download!
Here’s how I made my lead generation quiz:

Brainstorming and Planning

I followed a backward design process (thanks, master of education program!) and thought about the end result I wanted to get. Since I provide marketing and branding services to busy mompreneurs, I wanted to get my audience thinking about their own needs…and see how I can help meet those needs. Here are some of the problems my target audience faces:
  • not having an overall marketing strategy
  • not having the skills or knowledge needed to create good marketing content
  • not having enough time to market their business
All told, I wanted to nudge my audience into realizing that they might need help marketing their business. I wanted the results to tell me who really needed top to bottom help, who had good ideas but needed help executing, and who knew what they were doing and might make an awesome collaborator or referral source. (Remember, clients and customers aren’t the only valuable leads you can generate!)
As you start planning your quiz funnel strategy, think about what you want your audience to know, feel, or do as a result of taking your quiz, and what information you want to collect about them.
I highly suggest writing out your results, questions, and answer choices ahead of time so you can just plug them into the Interact quiz builder when you’re ready.


Because I wanted to get my quiz up and running quickly, I chose one of Interact’s many templates.
To access templates:
  1. Log into your Interact account.
  2. Click the orange Create New Quiz button.
  3. Click the Template option.
  4. Select your category.
  5. Click the blue Go to Next Step: Select Quiz Type button.
  6. Select your quiz type. I wanted an assessment to show what they did (or didn’t!) know about online marketing.
  7. Select your template. I chose, “How Much Do You Actually Know About Online Marketing?”
Some of the questions were very nitty-gritty knowledge-based, and I was more interested in the big picture. So I changed some of the questions to ask about their strategy and execution. I also changed the wording to sound more like me and less like a stuffy business professor giving a lecture. (Not all business professors are stuffy, just saying.) There are lots of templates in many different categories, so if you’re pressed for time or short on ideas, the templates can be a great jump-off point. I recommend that you still go through and make sure the questions are worded in your brand voice.

Cover Page

First impressions matter, so take the time to customize your quiz cover page with your own brand colors, fonts, and logo.


I took a few questions out of the template because they weren’t super relevant to my business. If you’re adding your own questions and answers, think backwards from the end results you’ve already determined. (Here are 50 quiz questions you can use to build engagement.)
For personality quizzes, it helps to imagine a person or character for each result. It could be someone I actually know or an imaginary person. Then I think about the way they would answer each question. (Here’s more about how to make a personality quiz.)
For assessment and scored quizzes where questions have a correct answer, place distracter answers that are partially correct or sound plausible. (My former students hated when I did this, muahahaha.) You’re not doing this to trick people but to figure out what their misconceptions might be, which will allow you to address them and be more persuasive. (Here’s more about how to make a scored trivia-style quiz.)
To add a question to your quiz:
  1. Scroll to the bottom of your questions list in the left-hand panel.
  2. Click on the plus sign labeled Add another question.
  3. Type your question in the header.
  4. Add an image if desired.
  5. Add as many answer choices as you need. For personality quizzes, map the answers to the corresponding results. For assessment and scored quizzes, select the correct answer.
  6. Optional but highly recommended: add an explanation for the correct answer.


For my quiz, I chose to stick with the three results from the template: Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. I did customize the result titles and descriptions to match my brand voice and process.
The most important part of the results page is the Call to Action button. This is part of the traffic directing function of Interact’s lead generation quizzes. For each result, I suggest a post or page on my website that might be helpful for them. Beginners get a blog post going over the basics of content marketing. Folks who know a bit about online marketing get my page of free online marketing resources to help them improve their game. The top of the class get a direct invitation to chat with me about their business goals.

Integration Mapping

All of this engagement is great, but it’s useless if we can’t capture some information about our leads. That’s where e-mail integration mapping comes in. Two enthusiastic thumbs up for Interact’s e-mail integration process! It is way simpler than most integrations I’ve tried with other tools. All you need is the API key from your e-mail marketing platform. There’s a small box in the upper left panel that walks you through the steps.
I use MailerLite’s free plan:
Set up your opt-in form with the fields you want to include, as well as GDPR consent checkbox if that’s relevant for you.
Now for the big guns: results mapping. I am kind of a data monster so I LOVE that I can place visitors in different groups based on their final result AND on individual quiz questions! You can also add custom fields in MailerLite and map these to specific results or answers to glean lots of data about your leads.
For example, I created a new subscriber group to catch all leads from my quiz. Then I created a custom field in MailerLite that will get mapped to either Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced depending on the user’s final quiz result. If I were super ambitious, I could put a segmenting question into the quiz such as, “What kind of business do you own?” and map the results of just that question to another custom field. I could then go into MailerLite and pull out all the subscribers who have, say, service-based businesses or all those who sell a product. Magic!

Website Implementation

There are a variety of options for implementing the quiz on your website.
Interact also has a WordPress plugin you can use for embedded quizzes. I put my quiz right on my home page to catch people as they walk in. (Virtually speaking.)


Interact includes pretty detailed analytics for your quizzes. You can look at your overall funnel performance:
…and also break it out by result and question. If there’s a question that everyone’s getting wrong, or if everyone’s dropping off after they get to a specific question, it may be worth revisiting that question to see what’s up.

Parting Thoughts

I am really impressed with Interact’s user interface. It is relatively intuitive and easy to navigate, especially given how complex the functionality can be. My biggest challenge using this tool was, as usual, the temptation to make this WAY more complicated than strictly necessary. I started out making a lead quiz and ended up completely rewriting my welcome sequence, creating an e-mail course, and will probably redesign my website in the near future. (This ALWAYS happens to me…ask me about the time I sat down to plan my Instagram marketing strategy for the next few months and ended up spinning off an entire new arm of my business. This is why it takes me a thousand years to do anything.)
But in my defense, if you’re going to pay for a tool to grow your email list, you absolutely MUST have a way to welcome and follow up with your new leads. Otherwise, what’s the point? Engagement and visitors are great, but if you’re ghosting people as soon as they sign up for your list, those new leads won’t do you any good. If you want to learn how to write a welcome sequence, check out my free e-mail course here.

The Downlow:

URL: www.tryinteract.com (affiliate link)
Pricing: plans start at $17/month for Lite plan (does not have custom branding or advanced analytics)
Worth it?: Yes, if you have an automated system to respond to and nurture your new leads.
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