Web Design and Email Marketing

for Nonprofits and Social Enterprises

About You

Your organization builds bridges between people, communities, and cultures. You’re busy doing the work, making a difference, and hopefully also trying to be a functional human being. You don’t have time to talk to every person in your audience, even though you know it matters and you really want to. You definitely don’t have time to fiddle with your website. Focus on what you do best and leave the web and marketing stuff to me.

About Me

My name is Jennifer, and I help progressive organizations build community and raise funds through web design and email marketing.

I’ve been building websites and writing online since approximately 2001. I apply the principles of conversion marketing in my designs and content. Just because you’re not driven by profit doesn’t mean you don’t need to make an impact with your online presence.

Web Design

I build WordPress websites for progressive organizations including churches and nonprofit advocacy groups. But I don’t just make them look pretty. I make them function smoothly so that your message can be shared with those who need it most. And I build in ways for you to create a community around your work.

How It Works



We want your website to sound like who you are AND speak directly your audience’s needs. Customer/constituent research allows me to develop targeted messaging for your organization.


I will map out the different pieces of your website strategy, from site structure to marketing integration to visual branding. I’ll create mockups for your review so there are no surprises.

Demo Site

I’ll build a demonstration site according to our roadmap on a separate server so your live site will not be affected during construction. You’ll have the opportunity to give feedback along the way.


Migration and Offboarding

Once the demonstration site is fully approved, I’ll migrate it to the live site. You’ll also get video tutorials on updating and maintaining the site.

Service Options

It’s hard to know where to start if we don’t know what you already have. The Website Audit is a strategic inventory of what’s going on with your current website: content, design, functionality. I then recommend changes and additions based on your goals.


  • Website audit report
  • Walkthrough video
  • 30-minute follow-up call
Website Pre-test: $750

Maybe you need help knocking out a few specific upgrades to your website, like adding an online shop, formatting a downloadable study guide, or redoing your post category structure. Take advantage of the time I’ve spent learning how to do these things! Just ask me about your project and I’ll give you an estimated time frame. All services start with a free e-mail or phone consultation.

Half Day: $650
Full Day: $1,000

For organizations ready to grow, I offer comprehensive website design. I only use the WordPress platform, themes, and plugins.


  • Voice of customer research
  • Site map
  • Design and buildout of website
  • Optional: visual branding (logo, fonts, colors, etc.)
  • Optional: copywriting refresh
  • Optional: marketing integration
Starts at $3,500

Working with Jennifer was an absolute dream. She started the conversation not with the nuts and bolts of the website, as I was expecting, but with how the website fit into the organization as a whole. The questions she asked gave me a deeper appreciation of what the website could become, and it gave her inspiration to build things for us that I could not have imagined.

Liz Lin

Co-founder, Progressive Asian American Christians

Jennifer is a prompt, thoughtful, and thorough web designer who thinks of everything and has a clear grasp of the structure that each project requires. She delivers in a timely manner and has worked above and beyond for Diverging Magazine’s website, keeping our mission statement and vision in mind as part of her work with us.

Aimee Sher

Editor in Chief, Diverging Magazine

Email Marketing

I create and implement effective email campaigns that help nonprofits build engagement with their members and raise funds for their work. Stop guessing (and procrastinating) about what to write in your monthly newsletter and get a sustainable marketing plan in place for your work.

How It Works



We want your emails to sound like who you are AND speak directly your audience’s needs. Customer/constituent research allows me to develop targeted messaging for your organization.


We’ll figure out all the ways your message can reach your audience. Based on customer research, I’ll build strategic email funnels that bring in new members, volunteers, and donations.


Writing & Editing

I’ll write the copy for your funnel emails and show your readers how they can help you change the world.


I’ll implement your email strategy, including form and sequence setup within your ESP. We’ll run things for a few months, collect data, adjust as necessary, and test again.

Service Options

It’s hard to know where to start if we don’t know what you already have. The Email Pre-test is a strategic inventory of one of your current email sequences, including analytics, content, pacing, and design. I then recommend changes and additions based on your goals. 


  • Email audit report
  • Walkthrough video
  • 30-minute follow-up call
Email Pre-test: $750

You can book a day or half day with me to tackle specific parts of your existing email strategy like implementing a new email funnel if you publish a new book. In general, I don’t start in the middle of the process, i.e. I can’t “just write something” without learning more about your audience and brand. Pre-test or existing customer research required.

Half Day: $650
Full Day: $1,000

For organizations ready to grow, I offer comprehensive email marketing strategy and implementation. I am also available on a retainer basis to write regular newsletters and check monthly analytics.


  • Voice of customer research
  • Strategy map
  • Email copywriting
  • List segmenting and clean-up
  • Implementation
  • Testing and analysis
Starts at $3,500

An email sequence is only as good as the strategy behind it and that’s where Jennifer comes in. Not only can she write some killer email copy, Jennifer’s magic touch is in the strategy that powers those emails. Her frameworks consider every angle and are priceless in building out your email marketing. Put Jennifer in charge of your campaigns if you want emails that work as hard as she does!

Val Geisler

Email Conversion Strategist

I attended a seminar Jenn did on email marketing and was impressed with her breadth of knowledge and organization and professionalism of the presentation. I knew then she was worth hiring! Before working with Jenn, I wasn’t sure the direction I wanted to take my business….she was a wealth of knowledge on others who have paved the way and offered a lot of creative solutions.

Kara Hoholik

Ethical Fashion Blogger and Style Consultant, My Educated Style

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a project take?

It depends on scope but pre-tests (the first phase) take 2-3 weeks and full projects take 8-12 weeks. For half and full day rate projects, we’ll set a “to be done by” deadline.

When can we get started?

I’m a parent and partner first, so I limit my work time to fit the needs of my family. Generally, I work with just one client at a time to ensure they get my full attention and minimize the risk of mistakes or miscommunication. As one client wraps up, I can start onboarding a new client.

Will I own the things you write or design for me?

Yes! Here are the terms for that:

Upon receipt of payment in full, Jennifer Duann Fultz will irrevocably assign to the Client all right, title, and interest worldwide in and to the Work Product and all applicable intellectual property rights related to the Work Product, including, without limitation, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and licensing rights (the “Proprietary Rights”).

Can you write our monthly newsletters or keep our website updated?

After we complete a full email project (or a couple days together), I am available on a retainer basis to write monthly newsletters and blog posts, analyze your email data, and make any needed adjustments. You can also hire me for a day or half day to knock out one-off projects like writing and implementing a new sequence or conducting more customer research. I generally do not “just write newsletters” without knowing anything about your audience and message.

Unfortunately I am not able to provide ongoing maintenance and updates for websites. I do my best to use tools that are easy to learn so you can do most content changes on your own. I can also refer you to qualified developers who can keep your plugins updated and your website humming smoothly.

How can we get started?

Please fill out this client fit form. It’s not a contract or proposal, just a way for us to learn about each other and decide if it makes sense to work together. You’ll hear back from me within 3 business days to either start your pre-test or answer any questions!