Fix-It Fridays

Get your sh!t handled with a business rampage

 Is your to-do list looking a little longer than you’d like?

Maybe you’ve got a new offer to launch but getting the sales page written, built, and hooked to all the tech things is just…doin too much.

Or there are a couple blog post outlines gathering digital dust in Google Docs.

How bout dem welcome emails you’ve been meaning to write for…a real long time?

Or maybe you just need to think and talk through your pricing, an offer, or a piece of copy.

Welcome to Fix-it Fridays, an on-demand marketing service for past clients only!

I already know your brand and business really well because, well, I helped build them.

Now I’m here for your day-to-day business needs and updates!

And I’ve made it as easy as possible.

Every Friday is blocked off for my favorite clients. No proposal rigmarole or email tag trying to schedule something. All I need is 48 hours notice. 

Time to cross those lingering tasks off your list! 

Here are some things I can fix up for you:


1-Hour Tune-up (available throughout the week)

This can be a live call or an asynchronous doc review. Things we can think and/or talk about include: 

  • A pricing system for your services (this will probably result in a spreadsheet calculator)
  • Service menu and prices
  • Structuring a new offer
  • Reviewing a piece of copy like a sales page, lead magnet, or online course outline
Full Day Fixapalooza (Fridays only)

This starts with an optional 30-minute kickoff call to line up the day’s work, or we can touch base over email beforehand. (I love my introverts and extroverts equally!) Then I’ll put my noise-canceling headphones on and crash through your to-do list. Here’s some things I can do in a single day:

  • Launch a New Offer: sales page copywriting + page build based on your existing layout (WordPress and Squarespace sites only)
  • Productize Your Knowledge: detailed course outline and sample worksheets or other instructional materials
  • Reach Your Audience: 3+ blog posts written and posted or scheduled in WordPress; (you provide topics and keywords to target, I can help refine)
  • Grow Your Email List: downloadable lead magnet copywriting and basic design, signup form setup on your site
  • Welcome New Subscribers: Welcome sequence or email course lead magnet written and set up in your email service provider
  • Sing Your Praises: Customer research survey written and deployed before your Fix-It Friday with messaging tips and testimonial bank compiled

Let’s fix it!

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