Episode Recap:

Maddy and I talked about

  • How to explain to traditional Asian parents that you write about vaginas all day (3:13)
  • Maintaining personal boundaries when writing publicly about sexual health (4:58)
  • A typical day for a digital content creator (9:12)
  • The power of operating out of spite (21:13)
  • The importance of using our privilege to speak up (28:41)

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Guest Bio:

Maddy Siriouthay is the co-founder and COO of Ovee, a sexual and reproductive health hub that empowers vagina-havers with re-educational content, curated products and the supportive community they need to navigate their healthcare needs. Before Ovee, Maddy received her journalism degree from the Missouri School of Journalism and her M.F.A. in Design and Technology at Parsons, where she met the two other co-founders of Ovee, Courtney and Jane.

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