Episode Recap:

Cynthia and I talked about

  • Her customized approach to career coaching (2:20)
  • What to do when you’re overworked and underpaid (6:25)
  • The problem with “Charge your worth” (8:33)
  • Cynthia’s foundational coaching program (12:00)
  • Some of the biggest challenges common to professionals of color (18:14)
  • The power of just starting (22:31)
  • Practical tips for leaving a toxic job situation (25:24)

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Guest Bio:

Cynthia Pong, JD is a feminist career and negotiation coach based in New York City. She offers a range of services – private one-on-one career coaching, group workshops and events, and free resources, including worksheets and a monthly newsletter, The Trajectory – to support women of color in their work and personal lives. Prior to founding Embrace Change, Cynthia was a public defender in the Bronx for six years.

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