I have an assistant that sends my questionnaires, invoices and contracts, collects payments, tracks job time, manages my task list and workflow, collects leads, automatically sends e-mails, and generally makes me look way more put-together than I actually feel.

And I only pay her $10 a month*.

Now before you call the Department of Labor, you should know that my assistant isn’t a person that I’m exploiting.

It’s a mighty little web program called Dubsado.

Dubsado can do all the things I listed above, and quite a bit more. There’s also bookkeeping, client portals, task boards, a variety of integrations with different payment processors and other productivity tools, and probably other features that I don’t know about. There’s no limit to the number of clients or jobs you can have, and you only have to pay more to add additional brands or users to your account.

Confession: for the first six or seven months I had a Dubsado subscription, I only used it to send invoices, contracts, and questionnaires. Which is fine because that’s how I get paid, but I felt kinda silly paying for features I wasn’t using. When we moved and business slowed down for a month, I sat down and hammered out a workflow of automated e-mails and tasks. I already had a pretty consistent process and automation sometimes makes me nervous, so I don’t use the workflow all the time. It’s nice, however, having some stock e-mail templates at hand to save some time. The to-do lists and task boards have also been underutilized because I’m still attached to my Trello boards, but I might start switching over to Dubsado’s task boards now that I know they exist.

A customer relationship management tool was the first thing on my list of things to invest in for my business last year. I tested Honeybook and 17hats before settling on Dubsado. Honeybook seemed better suited for event-based businesses like florists, cake bakers, or photographers. 17hats had similar functionality to Dubsado, but I just liked Dubsado’s branding better.

Dubsado also has an active community on Facebook that provides both technical and business support. You can hire experts to get you set up or chat with their super responsive and attentive customer service.

Dubsado is celebrating its second birthday on February 26, and that means special birthday pricing! With my affiliate code aminusmama you get 20% off your first month or year. That means for less than $20/month, you can send as many professional-looking proposals, contracts, and invoices as you want, set up automated workflows and canned email templates to save you lots of time, and just get your business organized. There’s no limit to the number of clients or jobs you can have, and you only have to pay more to add additional brands or users to your account.

Did I mention they send you a snazzy notebook and pen when you join?!

Stationery is clearly the way to my heart.

So what are you waiting for? Go get you some Dubsado! (You can also grab a free trial to test it out. It’s free up to 3 clients, full features, no time limit.)

*Dubsado locks pricing when you sign up, which is why I have the older rate of $10/month on a yearly plan.