Cash Flow

  • Revenue Goal: $2,500
  • Total Revenue: $2,688.5 
  • Total Expenses: $1041.01 (including $241.67 revenue shared with my strategic partner in our group program)
  • Net Profit: $1647.49
  • Owner Compensation: $1,826.14 (including my quarterly profit disbursal)

Time Breakdown

Work Time

  • Hours Worked: 61.8
  • Weekly Average Work Hours: 15.45
  • Billable Hours: 10.35 hours or…21 hours, depending on how you count work done toward selling the group program???
    • Course Creation: 5.1 hours
    • Retainer Client: 3.75 hours (I did an unusual mix of stuff for them this month that defies easy categorization heh)
    • Consulting: 1.5 hours
  • Non-Billable: 51.45 hours
  • Billable Percentage: don’t worry about it

Hourly Rates

Hourly Rates By Project Type

  • Course Creation: $117.5/hour 
  • Retainer Client: $237.33/hour (although this revenue was received last month and work done this month)
  • Consulting: $200/hour

Overall Hourly Rates

  • Billable Hourly Rate Before Expenses: $259.76/hour
  • Overall Hourly Rate Before Expenses: $43.50/hour
  • Overall Hourly Rate After Expenses: $26.66/hour
  • Target Overall Hourly Rate: $60/hour

My hourly rates are getting really messy as an increasing proportion of my income comes from group programs. I also did a payment plan for my 1:1 projects this month, so I’ll get some revenue from that next month even though most of the work is done.

Monthly Achievements

  • I met with the spectacular Anna Hetzel and they helped me untangle and prune down my service menu to 3.5 key offers, all of which I love deeply.
  • Following this detangling, I, uh, restructured my entire website in a day because I enjoy stupid flexes, heh.
  • Also as a direct result of this detangling, I started directly pitching my signature service, Your Genius, On-Demand, to warm to cold prospects. I’ve gotten a very nice response rate so far and hope to convert a few of those into full projects.
  • My strategic partner and I sold out the fall cohort of Jumpstart Your Online Business, at a price that was 5X higher than the presale price of the previous round!

Reviewing the priorities I set for September:

I had planned to get…a lot more…done this month than actually happened, though when I look at everything I actually accomplished, it’s probably just an indicator that I had really big goals and ambitions, which should surprise no one. I did really want to get started on my grad school application, which didn’t happen beyond making a decision on which schools to apply to. And while I did not start drafting my new signature product, I did start a group coaching program to write the sales page for said product and get some voice of customer research opportunities lined up.

How I succeeded:

I kept my commitments to some really difficult therapy work, launched and filled our group program, and surprisingly grew my Instagram following quite significantly. I need to rejigger my weekly calendar a bit to accommodate ongoing therapy work as well as other non-work priorities.

Priorities for October:

  • Maintain my commitments to therapy and other self care.
  • Write a first draft of my new product.
  • Book out Q1 2022.

It’s a little scary not to have an income goal to work on, but as the year winds down (I’m taking December off from client work) it’s time to start looking forward and planning for a strong start to 2022.

How was your month?

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