Nerd alert: I first started using Photoshop in fourth grade when I would hang out at my dad’s office after school and mess around on his computers drawing airbrush caterpillars. I then progressed to making collages of my favorite celebrities (aka the Lord of the Rings cast) and primitive web sites in high school. After grad school I became an okay wedding and portrait photographer so I mostly used Photoshop for developing my digital files and designing albums. In 2012 I switched to InDesign for page layouts and never looked back.

This past weekend, however, I got a reminder of my original love for Photoshop. I met up with the lovely Beverly of to help her learn to use and make some Photoshop templates for her blog, and it was a lot of fun. (Once an insufferable know-it-all  a teacher, always a teacher.) So much so that I was inspired to make a free template for you! (There’s a link to download at the end of this post.) It’s an all-in-one, super-customizable template for blog covers, Pinterest images, Facebook cover photos, and more. Here are a few examples I punched out in just about five minutes.

If you aren’t super familiar with Photoshop, here’s a video overview for how to use this template. If you’re weird like me and hate watching videos, I wrote some instructions (mostly so I wouldn’t go rogue when I recorded the video.) I also hate listening to myself talk, so I didn’t go into a lot of detail with how to use Photoshop in general. If you need it, here’s a tutorial for Photoshop basics.

There’s a link below to download the Photoshop template. Let me know what you’d like to see next! I live to serve you. (When I was out with my flower girls shopping for their dresses for our wedding, I overheard a mother mumbling this under her breath as her daughter requested different outfits in the fitting room. You had to have been there, but it was one of the funniest moments of my life.)

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