Has “figure out my business website” been on your to-do list for way too long?

Auntie's here to knock it out in one day.
Put 'em up!

While I identify strongly with the kickass Auntie above, I sadly have at least 3 decades before I’m as cool as her.

Are you still rocking the DIY website you threw together in a weekend?

Or maybe – gulp – you don’t even have a website and your business is still at the mercy of social media algorithms.

It’s time to go all in.

No more awkward pauses when potential clients ask, “Do you have a website?”

No more overwhelm and procrastination looking at tech tutorials.

No more impostor syndrome because your website doesn’t feel professional enough.

All you need is one day with me.

1-Day Websites

What you get:

  • A WordPress site strategically designed to nurture and convert clients
  • Templates for updating or creating your written content if you need them
  • 30-minute live revision session
  • Recorded video walkthrough of how to update content pages – complete autonomy for your business
  • Secure WordPress hosting with quarterly updates to keep your site humming

All for $1750

+ $30/month for hosting

Do you need 1DW?


1DW is best for service providers, consultants, and creators who have been doing their thing more or less successfully for at least a year. This does not necessarily mean you do the work full-time or rely on the business as your sole source of income. It just means you’ve got some client work under your belt and a general system for working with clients.

Online shops, blogs, memberships, and other advanced features are beyond the scope of 1DW, but you can book a bundle of multiple days for your bigger project. Ask me about it!

What does it look like?

Your new site can have up to 5 sections*:

  • About
  • Gallery
  • Service Menu + Pricing
  • Process
  • FAQ
  • Contact
  • Email Newsletter Subscription
  • Social Media Feeds

*I can also make these separate pages but in many cases, you may not want to. We can chat about this!

    What I need from you before your build day:

    • Your brand logo, colors, and fonts
    • A completed design quiz
    • All written content (I can give you some templates/prompts for this after our pre-build chat.)
    • At least 3 high-resolution photos of you, including one “headshot” (doesn’t have to be professional)
    • Access to your current web host, domain name, and relevant social media or email marketing accounts

    How it’ll go down:

    Before Build Day

    1. We chat for 15 minutes to make sure this service is a good fit for you.

    2. We’ll pick a day for me to build your website. 

    3. You complete a design quiz about the different elements of your site. It’ll be kind of like ordering at Chipotle.

    4. Based on your submitted materials, I’ll create a wireframe.

      On Build Day

      5. On your scheduled day, we’ll start with a 15-minute call to go over the wireframe and game plan for your website.

      6. I build your website while you go about your day!

      7. When your website is ready, we’ll review the site for 30 minutes to make any final adjustments.


         You can finally get booked, grow your business, and do what you do best.

        They liked theirs!

        Without your help, I would have only had a ‘business’ Facebook page. It wasn’t until we started working together that I saw the potential and value in my services. This process helped me to take a Facebook page and an idea and turn it into a business that can actually help others.

        Kristi Roberts

        Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Little Sleepers Big Dreamers

        Progressive Asian American Christians started out as a scrappy little online community that was more or less a happy accident.  But we quickly started doing more than that — producing a podcast, hosting an annual conference, launching an online learning community, and more — and it became clear that we would need a better website, especially since so much of what we do is online. Jenn took our little startup and made it look like a real thing, and it helped us and others within the organization start thinking of it as such.

        Liz Lin

        Co-founder, Progressive Asian American Christians

        Who is this Auntie character, anyway?

        For those who don’t know me, my name is Jennifer Duann Fultz, frequently known as JDF, because who has time for my whole legal name?

        I’ve been building websites for almost 20 years (holla Xanga.com/JENNerAsian) and I’ve played with hundreds of themes and plugins so you don’t have to. 

        I’ve tried my hand at a wide variety of creative services in my time, including but not limited to: wedding and portrait photography, content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, document design, branding, web design, and several ill-fated forays into direct sales


        You get a website!

        You get a website!

        You get a website!

        Everybody gets a website!